About us

In Greenville we saw an opportunity to add to the foodie atmosphere of this vibrant city. Denise and I decided to bring our love for freshly-sliced cheese and charcuterie meats to Greenville!

Welcome to The Cheese Wheel, I’m Michael Davitt!

We are the first and only Fromagerie in the Upstate and we strive to be your destination for fresh and artisanal cheeses in the Greenville area.

What makes us unique?

Family Owned

The finest international and domestic cheeses and charcuterie meats

Sliced fresh from the wheel

No pre-wrapped or pre-sliced cheeses

Taste before you buy!

We also carry unique and fine wine and gourmet accompaniments for you to pair with your own cheese board.

Michael Davitt and Denise Hallisey
Cheese Lovers and Owners

“Taste before you buy!”